A mini xpath processor

Part of the Active Xml project. Check it out here: www.rocq.inria.fr/verso/Gemo/Projects/axml/

This project is an xpath processor built for the j2me platphorm.
I couldn't find any xpath processor that would fit the limited resources
of a mobile phone so I decided to write my own.
It uses kxml as xml parser. Please note you need DOM support.
- supports child::, descendant::, attribute::, parent:: as axes;
- supports *, node(), text() as node tests
- good support for namespaces
- supports simple expressions as predicates (i.e. [@city=rome])

Update 14/06/2009: version 0.4 supports KXml v2.

Download here ver. 0.2 together with sources. You will find a test version for j2me easy to import in any j2me project (the XPathDemo.java contains parts of code from KxmlParserDemo.java written by Stefan Haustein)
HINT: have you ever tried calling soap services on j2me?? Now, with the minixpath tool you can
inspect the wsdl of the service for a more flexible approach.
Project homepage at sourceforge is here.

Latest download ver. 0.3 here. No documentation yet, the sources are well-commented though.

My name is Cosmin Cremarenco and you can reach me at: cosmin.cremarenco (please remove this) @gmail.com

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